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centerNet listing - Heurist administration page

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centerNet Digital Humanities resource lists


To participate in the centerNet network


  1. email centerNet owners to request addition to the centerNet mail list
  2. register with Heurist so you can add material to the database


centerNet Digital Humanities resource lists


Lists of useful resources are generated from the Heurist collaborative database (HeuristScholar.org)

developed at the University of Sydney Digital Innovation Unit/Archaeological Computing Laboratory (ACL).


Resources can be added by anyone using the Add New links on the home page, but will not appear in the lists until flagged to do so by a member of the Heurist centerNet committee workgroup (by addition of the keyword 'Show in lists'). However non-flagged resources can be found through a Heurist search (see all links on the home page).


Resources added by members of the centerNet committee workgroup using the Add new links on the home page will automatically be flagged to appear in the corresponding list.




Adding content through Heurist




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