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This site arose out of a common need expressed at the digital humanities centers summit at NEH in April, 2007. Attendees wanted a single place online to locate information about centers, projects, tools, standards, and other aspects of the digital humanities. We hope that others--both at centers as well as individual scholars and others working in the field--will contribute to this site.


About This Wiki centerNet web site

  • last updated 30 Jan 08


How to contribute/add yourself to mail list

Inclusion in the Heurist database-generated lists below is based on keywording by CenterNet committee members. Anyone can add data through the Add new links, but entries will not appear in the lists until keyworded (they may still be seen and edited within Heurist). The links marked search load the keyworded entries in a Heurist search. The links marked see all show entries which haven't been keyworded.







Centers: summaries - names only - map/timeline - search - search by country-- [ Add new - see all organisations ]


Conferences: alphabetic list - map/timeline - search [ Add new - see all conferences ]


Funding sources: alphabetic list - search [ Add new - see all funding ]


Journals: search [ Add new - see all journals ]


Bibliographic resources: search [ Add new - see all bibliographic ] set ''reference type at top left of edit screen


more to follow ...''


Tools (CHnM Tools wiki)




Web sites


All types: map/timeline- search- see all web sites


Blogs: map/timeline - search - alphabetic list [ Add new - see all blogs ] (Tags containing 'blog')

Wikis: map/timeline - search [ Add new - see all wikis ] (Tags containing 'wiki')

Portals: map/timeline - search[ Add new - see all portals ] (Tags containing 'portal')



Wiki pages (to be converted to database)


Professional societies, national and international organisations


Discussion groups



Obsolete wiki pages


Please do not enter data on these pages, enter it into the database pages above.


Centers - original wiki

Funding sources - original wiki


Journals - original wiki


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